Manifest Your Heart's Desires


The Art of Dating is a customized, coaching service for smart, successful and interesting women who have almost everything. Despite the hundreds of dating apps and blogs, none are dedicated to showing you how to date successfully.  It's not your fault as no one has taught you. Without clarity, an effective strategy, and a deeper understanding of our motivations, navigating the complexities of relationship nuances will be challenging. The Art of Dating is based in New York City with clients globally.




"With her practical but caring approach, Eunice helped me learn more about myself and all the relationships in my life, not just those in the dating sphere. We worked together to shift in my mindset and approach towards dating to put the focus back on myself and regaining control over my own story and life path. Since working with her, I've felt happier and more confident, and eager to live my life in the fullest, most exuberant way." - Maya


1:1 coaching starts with a confidential consultation. Eunice, the Founder & CEO of The Art of Dating, LLC is passionate about the success of women. Her goal is to help women to live their most authentic and powerful lives. She believes that we are responsible for our own happiness and creating the life we desire. To that end, we should utilize and access every resource we have available toward manifesting the life we desire. After all, who is a better investment than you? Her approach is based on practical, proven strategies and research-based principals that have led to success.