03. March 2019
Negotiating in love is similar to negotiating at work: cooperation is key. Whether it is your boss, your partner or a potential employer on "the other side", ultimatums and manipulation backfire eventually and a lasting and fulfilling relationship is harder to achieve using this approach.
02. February 2019
Many confuse "compromising" and "settling" in a relationship. Compromise is learning each other's triggers and preferences; like and dislikes; and then finding a way to make each other happy with out sacrificing their own needs. Settling is giving up a core part of yourself; your dreams and your needs in order to stay in a relationship that ultimately is not life giving.

20. January 2019
If you've been in a committed relationship with your partner for several years, you've established patterns and your relationship is emotionally more stable. This state is a great springboard for more. However, the flip side is that the "surprise" and initial thrill that comes at the beginning of the relationship have dissipated. Here's how to reconnect with your partner.
13. January 2019
Relationship success is not random. Confidence will only take you so far in your intimate relationships. Most couples don't realize that there are research-backed, proven, and effective ways to shore up your relationship for success, especially during the tough times. Read this week's blog to learn the three areas critical for success.

07. January 2019
Happy relationships are a result of trial and error and failures that ultimately lead to success. Don't give up on love. No matter how painful your experience may have been, I promise you, your past does not have to dictate your future.
01. January 2019
Time spent on the wrong person is time taken away from meeting the right one. If you use an effective dating strategy, you will figure out early on if there is enough of a REAL connection and MUTUAL interest to take you to date # 2. Read this week's blog to learn what NOT to do on date # 1 for success.

09. December 2018
Generosity is one of the most important traits for relationship success. Generosity is not a natural inclination in a place like New York City where people are known more for self-absorption than kindness. The good news is the you can build your generosity muscle just as you build your biceps. Read this week's blog to learn how you can practice generosity within your relationship.
02. December 2018
I value intelligence, success and strength in both men and women. In itself, being a smart, strong and successful woman does not make you a great catch. Similarly, traits like height, athletic ability and high income does not make a man a great partner.

25. November 2018
Living an extraordinary life starts with gratitude. Gratitude also changes your relationship for the better. What are you grateful for today and how will you express to your partner what you appreciate?
18. November 2018
Real trust within your relationship isn't just about telling the truth. Real trust is knowing that your partner will take care of you when you're sick. It's knowing that after a terrible fight, he won't bail. That no matter what, you can count on him. Above all, the ultimate trust in your relationship is trusting yourself. It's addressing discrepancies quickly to get your needs met, not ignoring red flags, and believing that no matter what the outcome, you will be okay. You have your back.

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