07. October 2018
When you marry, you're marrying into your spouse's family. If you didn't properly discuss boundaries BEFORE being married, that's on you. You can't just fall in love and think the rest will take care of itself. Here are some pointer for dealing with in-laws, a common struggle for many.
30. September 2018
It's good to have high standards but for the right reasons. A good way to check yourself is to ask: "if the perfect man existed, why would he want to go out with me?" Standards go both ways. Give it a real chance and remember that you - as lovely as you are - are still a work in progress. If you're good enough, then so is your date.

16. September 2018
We live in a global culture where our self-worth and values are measured by achievements, clear outputs and metrics for "success". Know that you were born enough. You do NOT have to do anything, accomplish anything or achieve anything to be special, to be loved and to love.
26. August 2018
Every date has a purpose. You're trying to figure out if your date has potential. You're trying to discover the "real" stuff, the stuff that matters. How do you peel back the layers while having fun? You ask the right questions based on your goals. Based on your date's answers, your interaction and emotional connection, you'll have a good idea of next steps. Building a connection, by the way, is not random. Dating successfully is not left to chance. You are the proactive driver of your life.

19. August 2018
The number one reason couples fight is not about money, in-laws or sex. Most arguments in relationships are about a failure to connect emotionally, according to Dr. John Gottman, a clinician and researcher considered by some to be the premier expert on marriage and relationships. So how do you connect with your partner in a way that counts?
12. August 2018
Conflict is an essential and inevitable part of every intimate relationship. Every couple deals with conflict differently. And here is an effective way to manage conflicts in your relationship.

05. August 2018
Confident people are at ease and show their uniqueness. They are comfortable with themselves. It is from this place of confidence that we can express our needs without worrying about being judged.
29. July 2018
What limiting thoughts and narratives are holding you back from living your most authentic and powerful life? What's really holding you back from finding the man of your dreams?

15. July 2018
Most men want a smart, successful and confident woman but even smart, successful and confident women won’t succeed if they make him feel badly about himself and his contribution to the relationship. A man wants to be with a woman who makes him FEEL special and needed.
08. July 2018
You are not granted a love that is “easy.” You are not granted a love period, outside of your parents. Being born isn’t enough to sustain a fulfilling relationship. You have to show up even when you don’t want to do so.

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