10. June 2018
We enter into relationships with beliefs and assumptions about what a good relationship will look and feel like. Many of our assumptions are not driven by facts or accuracy but rather cues we picked up along the way from our parents, friends and society. Such information can be quite misleading and inaccurate. Here are 6 common relationship myths.

03. June 2018
Sometimes, the only way to know if you made a mistake leaving a former partner is by trying one more time. Only you know what you really need. When considering getting back together with your ex, here are several important factors you should consider.

20. May 2018
In order to deep dive and figure out who you are at the core, your authentic self, you must practice “radical self-inquiry.” Living authentically requires many steps. Chief among them is figuring out the ‘why’ of your life not just the ‘what.’

13. May 2018
Trust is slow to build but quick to dissolve. Think of trust as a bank account. You have to continue making deposits in order to be able to make withdrawals.

06. May 2018
What makes the relationship last has very little to do with physical attraction or his perceived level of attractiveness for you. It comes down to how you make him feel emotionally.

22. April 2018
We assume that others think and feel like us, they don't. Rarely do couples share the same love language. It is important to understand not only your own love language but also your partner's preferred way of receiving love.

15. April 2018
There is a correct way to apologize and by correct I mean one that is effective and will get the desired results (trust, intimacy, connection). Here is how you offer a heartfelt apology to reconnect and strengthen your bond.

08. April 2018
Have you wondered why my coaching service is called The Art of Dating? My expertise is a culmination of personal and global experience, an in-depth view and understanding of psychology (my major) and human interactions as well as 'art' and 'science'. The 'science' of what I practice and teach is backed by years of research on marriage and relationship success. However, the 'art' is the interaction of two uniquely positioned individuals that come together in a dance like fashion.

01. April 2018
Eligible, single men are among us every day. But they won't fall on your lap if you're sitting on your couch in your pajamas, eating take out Thai food and watching Netflix. You actually have to leave your apartment.

11. March 2018
Men actually reveal quite a bit about themselves on the first date, if you pay attention.

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