09. December 2018
Generosity is one of the most important traits for relationship success. Generosity is not a natural inclination in a place like New York City where people are known more for self-absorption than kindness. The good news is the you can build your generosity muscle just as you build your biceps. Read this week's blog to learn how you can practice generosity within your relationship.
02. December 2018
I value intelligence, success and strength in both men and women. In itself, being a smart, strong and successful woman does not make you a great catch. Similarly, traits like height, athletic ability and high income does not make a man a great partner.

25. November 2018
Living an extraordinary life starts with gratitude. Gratitude also changes your relationship for the better. What are you grateful for today and how will you express to your partner what you appreciate?
18. November 2018
Real trust within your relationship isn't just about telling the truth. Real trust is knowing that your partner will take care of you when you're sick. It's knowing that after a terrible fight, he won't bail. That no matter what, you can count on him. Above all, the ultimate trust in your relationship is trusting yourself. It's addressing discrepancies quickly to get your needs met, not ignoring red flags, and believing that no matter what the outcome, you will be okay. You have your back.

04. November 2018
Dating today is more complicated than it used to be. Dating today is not unlike today's stock markets: volatile, some days are down; other days rebound. Data has shown that those who keep investing over the decades, regardless of what the markets are doing, are the real winners. Similarly, the long-view in dating and relationships is essential for success.
28. October 2018
Whether you're dating or married to someone of the same heritage, race and religious beliefs, you're still dealing with a COMPLETELY different person - with a unique set of experiences, childhood, personality and relationship construct (blueprint). The key to relationship success is to accept and respect your differences.

21. October 2018
Many men who are happily married today probably could be described as being afraid of commitment if they were to be judged by their past relationships and ex-girlfriends. That said, men don't leave amazing relationships.
07. October 2018
When you marry, you're marrying into your spouse's family. If you didn't properly discuss boundaries BEFORE being married, that's on you. You can't just fall in love and think the rest will take care of itself. Here are some pointer for dealing with in-laws, a common struggle for many.

30. September 2018
It's good to have high standards but for the right reasons. A good way to check yourself is to ask: "if the perfect man existed, why would he want to go out with me?" Standards go both ways. Give it a real chance and remember that you - as lovely as you are - are still a work in progress. If you're good enough, then so is your date.
16. September 2018
We live in a global culture where our self-worth and values are measured by achievements, clear outputs and metrics for "success". Know that you were born enough. You do NOT have to do anything, accomplish anything or achieve anything to be special, to be loved and to love.

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