“I don’t think women need to be empowered because the truth is, we already have the power.”

 - Sallie Krawcheck



The Art of Dating is a customized, relationship coaching service for smart, successful and interesting women who have almost everything. Despite the hundreds of dating apps available on the market none are dedicated to showing you how to date, successfully.

Typical dating life cycle:

We spend our 20s having fun, dating without giving it too much thought, while working hard to get ahead in our careers. Then our 30s arrive and suddenly there’s more urgency. If a woman wants to find a mate, settle down and have a family, realistically she has two, three, or even five years tops to achieve this goal. Note, I’m not saying marriage is the end all and be all – it’s entirely up to you how you define success in a relationship. Just as we become ready for serious dating, we end up self-sabotaging (unintentionally), creating roadblocks and ignoring emotional blinders, which can derail our plans. Additionally, we may end up dating the same type of guy over and over again (we like the familiar), having the same strategy (having no strategy is a strategy) and expecting different results. Maybe we have unrealistic expectations and no one can live up to our standards. Even worse, often we don't even know what our standards are. Or we have too many options juggling dating apps and real life meet-ups and now we have dating fatigue. Or another damaging possibility: if we haven’t found our match by our late 30s, we convince ourselves that we don’t actually need to have kids of our own and rationalize with thoughts like, “Kids are too expensive anyway” or “ I don’t want to give up my freedom to travel…”Does any of this sound familiar?


What it takes:

Dating successfully in a competitive market like New York City, or anywhere in the world, for that matter, has many facets and requires various skills: a pragmatic approach; the right experiences to draw from; a successful strategy; understanding how to play the game (aka strategy), and a good dose of inner reflection and honesty.


It’s not your fault:

The thing is no one has taught us how to date successfully. Our only real role models growing up are our parents. I don’t know about you; I love my parents dearly but their marriage is not a relationship I want to emulate. No matter the experience you bring to dating, or what your state of mind is today, the good news is that all it takes is minor shifts and consistent effort in the way we think to dramatically change our outlook. My experience tells me that when our energy shifts, so too does the quality of the people we attract. I will guide and support you throughout this process, help you to unlock and overcome any barriers to success and hold you accountable to your new found, elevated way of thinking and being.


What we will accomplish together:

We will uncover relationship patterns; identify and address the obstacles holding you back from finding your match; create a blueprint in attracting the right person for you; clarify your core needs, nice to haves, and deal breakers; learn effective communication tools and create healthy boundaries; and devise a strategic dating plan, through an objective and honest lens, while embracing who you are. The good news is that you already have everything you need within you to date successfully and manifest your heart’s desires.


My philosophy and approach:

We are responsible for our own happiness and creating the life we desire. To that end, we should utilize and access every resource we have available toward manifesting the life we desire. After all, who is a better investment than you? My approach is based on practical, proven strategies and research-based principals that have led to success. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing women succeed in every aspect of their lives. When you do well, I do well, and the world is better off. So let’s embark on this journey together and unleash our collective power.